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License for boat, motor boat, pwc

Training for operators of motor vessels (boats), pleasure boats (yachts), personal watercrafts

Our Center is the first in Ukraine to have passed the test of compliance of training for operators of small crafts to the national requirements in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine dated 07.05.2013, є 283 "On approval of Regulation for Procedure for issuance of the Certificate of Small Craft Driver"

Our center organizes and conducts training of driver of boats, motor boats, personal watercrafts for the following courses:

Х Driver of the motorized vessel of up to 6 m on inland waterways;
Х Driver of the motorized vessel of up to 6 m in coastal sea waterways;
Х Driver of the motorized vessel with length between 6 and 24 meters on inland waterways;
Х Driver of the motorized vessel with length from 6 to 24 m in the coastal seawaterways;

Х PWC driver on inland waterways;
Х PWC driver on coastal waterways.

Our center training curricula are drawn up in accordance with the requirements of international and national regulations.

Questions for the exams:

Trainees who have successfully passed the exam at our center are issued a certificate.. This document is required for admission to the next exam, but in UKRAINIAN SEA AND RIVER TRANSPORT INSPECTORATE, and obtain the certificate of small craft driver (the license for the boat, motor boat, personal water) , which specifies the type of vessel and the permitted sailing area.

Requirements for applicants for the certificate small craft driver are given here

To enroll on training courses for driver of boats, motor boats, and personal watercrafts the following documents must be submitted:

- Ukrainian passport (for foreigners - passport of the country of residence with the translation) and a copy of the passport (pages 1, 2, registration page);
- 3x4 color photograph (possible in electronic form);
- receipt of payment for training.

For more information, please call:
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+38 (044) 463 74 71
+38 (044) 379 13 11

For more information, please call:
Ukraine, 04080, Kyiv
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